Drishya Digital Network


The visionary leader of Drishya are Lachhu Thapa & Deepak Mahat.

Over the last decade, and after graduating from the Central Queensland University, Australia, Lachhu has led multiple successful business ventures in Australia & Nepal.

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer

Deepak has successfully delivered multiple software specifications to large multinationals in Australia over the last decade after graduating from the University of Technology, Sydney in Australia.

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Both Lachhu & Deepak have extensive knowledge in their respective fields and have collaborated by joining forces to lead their company in Nepal, with the aim revolutionize the digital advertising market.

Drishya will look to set up transparent organization structure and technology driven private sector business organization. Drishya wants to set a trend and an example for everyone to emulate, where everyone gets the platform for their voices to be heard.

“For a city to be truly smart, each piece of the urban infrastructure needs to be integrated and connected. This enables an open flow of information and data, which drives the entire network and helps cities optimize their services and operations -Drishya Digital Network can help facilitate your city become smarter”