Drishya Digital Network


What makes Drishya stand out in this competitive digital market is its edge: the software built from scratch right here in Nepal.

Drishya has invested over a year in the development of the software, when fully functional it will allow :

Advertisers to create advertising content through an app
For advertisers to be able to bid for preferred advertising slots
Schedule the advertisement to be remotely displayed on outdoor LED screens
Run multiple screens across Nepal from one central location
Real-time update of messages, emergency broadcast
Instant Delivery

The software works via an internet connection for the delivery of the content to outdoor and indoor screens.


The advertisement content is responsive in nature and can fit screens of varying size and dimensions.

Market Leader

Drishya has the vision to become the market leader in the digital advertising sector in Nepal over the next three years.

“Picture a city where people use technology to drive change and better their communities. A city that’s efficient, interconnected and environmentally conscious. That’s a smart city, That’s your city, That’s our Nepal”