Drishya Digital Network

-Digital Signage-

What does it mean for Government?

Local, Provincial and Federal I Metropolitan and Rural Metropolitan City

  • Circulate information easily - you can instantly place nationwide updates on all of your digital screens, informing patrons of necessary info immediately with a simple push of a button.
  • Improved communication – provide critical information to the public immediately, which is vital to smooth operation for any government facility.
  • Enhanced visitor experience – patron experience is positive due to the up-to-date information and stunning graphics which contributes to a better ROI.
  • Deploy messages directly - digital signage makes the messages appealing to everyone.
  • Display real-time content - showcase your latest reports which cater to what your agency is all about, and then simply display those interesting details, for example, via your digital signage in the waiting lobby.
  • Emergency broadcast - Local, provincial and federal governments can utilize this technology to broadcast emergency messages to the public with just the push of a button.
  • Technology Leverage - Drishya’s top team can deliver technology to the Police, Army, Traffic Control Room, and the Police Control room.

“Smart cities are all about better city management and optimization of resource consumption with use of integrated urban information and communication technology”