Drishya Digital Network


Drishya Digital Network(Drishya) is a company which was established to revolutionize digital advertising in Nepal, via digital advertising displayed on both indoor and outdoor screens.

Digital signage is a highly powerful and flexible communication method, as it can present digital content to a mass audience.

Problems with static flex boards?

The information is static; then interest is lost over time
Expensive, time-consuming to print/replace the content
Becomes damaged over time due to the sun/rain/harsh weather, and general wear & tear, etc
Easy to miss as the same information displayed each time
Old technology, which has been proven to be less effective Pollution, it makes the city looks ugly

Well-developed Smart City concept integrates four key city services

Infrastructure services (transportation, utilities, public safety, environment),
Citizen services (access and participation),
City services (city information, planning and development) and
Business services (supportive services for local commerce)

Drishya can help integrate all key city services through our inhouse built technology, that is adapted to Nepalese market.